In my classes, I bring awareness to the subtleties of the human body, using a gentle, playful approach.


Yoga is a dynamic and evolving practice, focused on the interconnected nature of life and establishing balance within ourselves. Yoga can be a powerful addition to any healing protocol. We can use it as a tool to nurture the mind-body connection and listen to the heart in order to guide our actions and decisions.


Rest & Digest

When: Thursdays
19h15 to 20h30

Where: Motion 165
375 Rue Saint Jacques
Suite C-103
Montreal QC H4C 1H3

A specialty yoga class focusing on restoring digestive health to those who are struggling with digestive distress.

In this class, I share my knowledge as a functional nutritionist and yoga teacher through various yoga poses, meditation, reflections, & self-care tips related to digestion. You will nurture your mind, body, and soul in this unique class. I hope to see you leave the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and empowered to take your health to the next level.

Hatha Yoga

When: Mondays
18h30 to 19h30

Where: U.N.I Training
1751 Rue Richardson
Montreal QC H3K 1G6

In this gentle hatha flow, we explore basic yoga postures which provide the foundation for a quality yoga practice.

This alignment-based class will enhance your flexibility, strength, and vitality through passive and active poses. Learn to use your breath to coordinate mindful movement. We will delve into a specific area of practice that evolves from week to week. All levels are welcome.