In my classes, I bring awareness to the subtleties of the human body, using a gentle, playful approach.


Yoga is a dynamic and evolving practice, focused on the interconnected nature of life and establishing balance within ourselves. Yoga can be a powerful addition to any healing protocol. We can use it as a tool to nurture the mind-body connection and listen to the heart in order to guide our actions and decisions.


Rest & Digest

When: Thursdays from November 8 - December 13

Where: Motion 165
3737 Rue Saint Jacques
Suite C-103
Montreal QC H4C 1H3

If you or someone you love is experiencing IBS, GERD, SIBO, or IBD, then this yoga series is for YOU (or them).

A 6-class yoga series focusing on restoring gut health to those who are experiencing digestive dis-ease.

REST & DIGEST YOGA is designed to support you on your journey to digestive ease by restoring the resilience of your second brain (your gut). Get ready, my friends, because we are taking a DEEP dive into the realm of gut health.

In this series, I integrate my knowledge as a functional nutritionist and yoga teacher in a useful an understandable way. I’ll be teaching you practical tools to reclaim your health by restoring the true nature of your gut.

Some things we'll be focusing on in class

  • Mapping out your gut terrain
  • Exploring the anatomy and physiology of the gut
  • Exploring the mental, emotional, & energetic factors
  • A mix of restorative and hatha yoga poses (asanas)
  • Self-care tips
  • Breathing techniques
  • And more!

Hatha Yoga

When: Mondays
18h30 to 19h30

Where: U.N.I Training
1751 Rue Richardson
Montreal QC H3K 1G6

In this gentle hatha flow, we explore basic yoga postures which provide the foundation for a quality yoga practice.

This alignment-based class will enhance your flexibility, strength, and vitality through passive and active poses. Learn to use your breath to coordinate mindful movement. We will delve into a specific area of practice that evolves from week to week. All levels are welcome.

“Alana is very knowledgeable. It’s evident in her teaching that she understands the body as well as yoga. There aren’t many yoga teachers who can offer this. Her classes are a workout and relaxing. I highly recommend her.”
— Andrea, yoga student